3 Steps to Kickstart your Coaching Business

This 3 Part Video Series is completely free plus a Bonus. In the video series you'll discover how to...

  • Get crystal clear on the RIGHT business model for you and your lifestyle. Explore why a coaching business model is right for you. 

  • Why the belief you must serve everyone in order to have a profitable business is DEAD WRONG ...instead discover the key elements to identify your ideal profitable coaching niche whom you are best positioned to serve. 

  • The HUGE advantage you have as a trained mental health professional to position yourself as an expert right from the start and become the "go to" expert in your niche.   

  • Plus a BONUS...create your business plan and transition plan to start taking steps now towards your coaching business.  Now is the perfect time!

Thank you Nancy. I feel confident I'm on the right track now with my niche. Finally I'm embracing my spirituality and was thrilled to hear my spirituality can be the foundation of my business. I changed my title from Life Coach to Spiritual Life Coach.    

Megan T

LMFT and Spiritual Life Coach, New York USA

This is my first time watching AND completing all the assignments to the hundreds of free trainings I've signed up for this year. Ok maybe not hundreds but it was a lot. lol The videos were informative and the handouts productive. 


Anita C

Counselor and Parent Coach, Michigan USA


Your videos were much appreciated. I recommend this free training to all psychologists exploring a coaching business.




Aria W

Psychologist and Career Coach, London, UK

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