Nancy Gallegos

Psychotherapist and Coach

Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional

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Compassion Fatigue Among Mental Health and Social Work Professionals

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  • Discover the signs to look out for and how it's affecting you at work (and outside of work!).

Thank you Nancy. This guide helped me put words to how I am feeling right now. I felt you were describing me. Appreciate the work you are doing.  Thanks again. 

Taylor K

Social Counselor, Texas

Holy cow! I knew I was burnout for a while but never crossed my mind that it could possibly be compassion fatigue too. Grateful I came across you.   


Lily B

Social Worker, New Jersey

This was very informative and nicely organized. Thank you for creating this.  I heard of compassion fatigue before but never really understood it until today with your guide.  

Kim T

Mental Health Therapist, California

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